Ideally, a healthy person who consumes balanced and high-quality mixed food and leads a healthy lifestyle does not need additional vitamin preparations. However, it must be kept in mind that people with contemporary lifestyle cannot always consume balanced food, which causes the deficiency of certain vitamins. Vitamin deficiency may lead to different problems in the functioning of the organism and therefore a person may need to take additional vitamins. Therefore, vitamin preparations which would give people a comfortable and effective way to avoid vitamin deficiency have been developed. It is important to clarify the deficiency of which vitamin(s) you have and alleviate the vitamin deficiency based on that information to avoid complications later on. One good opportunity is to use patented Meravita vitamin preparations with personal approach, the composition of which will be determined according to the needs of the specific individual.

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) or the guideline daily amount (GDA). GDA has been developed by the Eurodiet nutrition specialists of the European Commission. The aim is to help the consumers to have a varied and balanced diet and make nutrition information easily available and comprehensible. RDA has been developed by the nutrition specialists of the United States and Canada, but the system is also used in Europe.

Yes, it is. Vitamins are essential biomolecules for the organism — without them our organism cannot function as an integrated whole. Since every vitamin has a specific task, vitamin deficiencies have different symptoms. One of the first symptoms of vitamin deficiency is fatigue and the weakness of the immune system. Consumption of vitamin preparations is a common way of boosting the organism and increasing the energy supplies.

Without the necessary vitamins and minerals, the ageing of our organism is inevitably accelerated. For normal functioning of the metabolism of the cells and tissues, human organism needs a certain amount of amino acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins. Since it is believed that free radicals (which can attack the cells of our organism) are responsible for ageing, then thanks to antioxidant vitamins (A, E, Q and C vitamins), it is possible to reduce the damages caused to cells by free radicals. Therefore, vitamins can decelerate the ageing process.

The question here is — what is a healthy diet? People define it differently, usually according to their personal beliefs. In reality, healthy diet is a balanced diet, which is not always possible due to our hectic lifestyle. In order to obtain the necessary amount and proportion of vitamins, your diet must be well-considered, and you may even need the help of specialists. Even if the person thinks he/she is eating healthy, he/she still may have a deficiency of some vitamins. For this reason, a set of personalised vitamins is necessary for ensuring that you have all the necessary substances in your body. This is essential for maintaining the physiological functions of the organism and avoiding deficiencies which may lead, for instance, to viral diseases and catching cold.

Vitamin preparations available in pharmacies have been developed based on the needs of an average person and do not consider the physiological peculiarities of each individual. To achieve a personal approach, Meravita has developed a questionnaire which gives information about the person’s state of health, lifestyle and habits. Based on the collected information, we can prepare a personal set of Meravita vitamins for a person, which contains vitamins in the ratio and amount required for this specific person

You should not share your personal Meravita preparation with other people since the composition of your product is carefully selected to adjust the level of vitamins in one specific organism. It is also important to keep in mind that the recommended daily vitamin doses for adults and children may vary greatly. Therefore, giving a preparation intended for an adult to a child instead may cause hypervitaminosis, i.e., a vitamin overdose for the child, which may be hazardous for health. Generally, it should be kept in mind that the need for vitamins depends on gender, age and other physiological peculiarities, which you can read more about when filling in the questionnaire.

In this case, you should turn to Meravita specialists for developing a new preparation for you. Engagement in intensive sporting activities may reduce the absorption of some vitamins such as B1 and B2, which is why additional consumption of such vitamins is necessary.

Since the current need of a specific vitamin in the organism can vary, then a larger amount of a vitamin in the digestive system does not itself cause disorders in the functioning of a human organism. Therefore, hypervitaminosis or intoxication due to vitamin overdose occurs extremely rarely and only if large amounts are administered continuously. However, there are some vitamins the administration of which is individual for persons since the composition of the preparation has been developed specially according to the needs of the specific individual and in this way the possibility of hypervitaminosis is practically eliminated. It is clear that continuous administration of megadoses of vitamins cause different disorders, however, this is also applicable for the consumption of all other megadoses of biomolecules. Instead, it should be kept in mind that temporary overdose of vitamins is not a problem for the organism, however, continuous vitamin deficiency is.

For our specialists to be able to prepare you a suitable vitamin preparation, the correct filling in of the questionnaire is extremely important. The questions in the questionnaire help us to determine your vitamin needs in a specific period, ensuring sufficient consumption of vitamins. The questions include information about your physical parameters, diet, lifestyle and illnesses. If necessary, the customer can also adjust the quantities of vitamins according to his/her will.

If a person has a well-balanced and varied diet, all vitamins can be obtained from food. Having a balanced diet is more complicated in winter, when there are less green garden products available and the fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets are processed with preservatives. In summer period, you can use vitamins where the content of some ingredients has been reduced, since the selection of domestic vegetables is larger and the absorption of a variety of vitamins is more probable. In winter, diverse vitamin preparations should be used to maintain the balance of the organism’s need for vitamins. By using the personal approach, we prepare the vitamin preparation by keeping in mind the season and the needs of a person. For instance, in summer period, the organism synthesises vitamin D with the help of sunlight more effectively, however, in winter period, vitamin D should be included in the composition of the preparation to avoid the deficiency thereof. Naturally, the absorption of vitamins of a specific person also depends on physiological peculiarities, which can be determined, if the Meravita questionnaire has been filled in correctly.

In this case, the intake of vitamins from fruit and vegetables largely depends on the season and the origin thereof, also from the additives that have been used to grow these fruit and vegetables. In summer, a large quantity of vitamins is absorbed by our organism from domestic products which have not been processed with different chemicals to obtain a longer shelf life. Such domestic products can also be kept for a winter period, however, if preserved for a longer period of time, vitamin content in such products decreases. The same applies to foreign fruit and vegetables available in supermarkets, which have been processed with different chemicals to obtain a longer shelf life. Such chemicals can be hazardous for our organism and should be avoided if possible. Therefore, additional intake of vitamins is especially important to ensure the proper functioning of the organism.

This is why we have developed the “personal approach strategy”, where all the physiological needs of a specific person are taken into consideration. Vitamin preparations do not usually contain a larger amount of the specific vitamin than determined in the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance). In that case, the amount of vitamins consumed with food is already taken into consideration and therefore it is not possible to get a vitamin overdose when consuming vitamin preparations (including polyvitamin preparations). It is also important to keep in mind that the need for vitamins in a human organism varies constantly

Vitamins cannot definitely replace a healthy diet. Vitamins are biomolecules that are necessary for the normal functioning of the organism and the amount of vitamins obtained only from food may not cover our daily need for vitamins. However, fats, protein and carbohydrates — also essential elements for the functioning of the organism — cannot be obtained from vitamin preparations.

The microflora of the digestive system of a human organism can either partially or in a sufficient amount synthesise pantothenic acid, niacin and vitamin K. Vitamin D is also synthesised in skin cells by ultraviolet radiation. If there are enough provitamins, i.e., the substances which can be converted into vitamins in food, the organism can synthesise these vitamins by itself. For instance, vitamin A is synthesised from plant carotenoids.

Food and especially vegetarian food, the functions of the microflora of the digestive system and vitamin preparations.

Vitamins are different biologically active low-molecular exogenous organic substances. As the constructional-functional parts of compound enzymes, they are essential for enzyme catalysis and thus for the life of the organism. Biological activity means that a certain substance has a certain regulatory effect on metabolic processes. Exogeny means that the given substances are not synthesised in the organism but have to be obtained with food. In short — vitamins are irreplaceable nutrients in a human diet.

There can be several subcategories for the reasons for vitamin deficiency. For instance, the reason for a dietary deficiency of vitamins is the deficiency of food products or unbalanced and one-sided food, also the incorrect food processing technologies and absorption disorders in the organism. The deficiency may also be caused by certain illnesses and the use of certain medications. Illnesses causing lack of bile acids influence the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and the use of antibiotics considerably hinders the absorption of vitamins. Physiological characteristics also play an important role when it comes to vitamin deficiency. For instance, small children, pregnant and nursing women and older people have an increased need for vitamins.

Excessive coffee and alcohol consumption, smoking, certain medications and also intestinal diseases may hinder the absorption of vitamins.

Additional consumption of vitamin D is necessary for instance in winter period, when people are not outside in the sun for a sufficient amount of time. The synthesis of vitamin D in the organism also depends on the latitude, altitude, time of the day, air pollution, cloud cover and the amount of melanin in the skin. The further away from the equator a person lives, i.e., in the higher latitudes, the less UVB radiation he/she gets (UVB radiation triggers the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin). Based on seasons, vitamin D deficiency is more likely to be topical in regions with longer winters. The need for vitamin D also depends on the age, body weight and clothing.

For the majority of vitamins, the reserves in the human organism can last for 4–40 days and therefore the constant intake of vitamins though the digestive system is essential. This ensures the preservation of vitamin reserves as well as the synthesis of the necessary amount of coenzymes formed based on these vitamins. The reserves of fat soluble vitamins generally last for 1–3 months — the exception here is vitamin B12, the reserves of which last for 1–3 years. The reserves of water soluble vitamins averagely last for up to 6 weeks.

Fat soluble vitamins are — A, D, E, F, K and Q.

Water soluble vitamins are — B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, B7, B8, B10, B11, B12, B13, B15, BT, C, H, N, P, pAB, PP and U.

It is a temporary or partial deficiency of vitamins with no specific features of a deficiency. It is important to keep in mind that hypovitaminosis may occur regardless of the vitamin the organism is lacking. The characteristics of hypovitaminosis are of more general nature, such as fatigue, weight loss and decrease in work capacity, susceptibility to infectious diseases, often also headaches, soreness of muscles and joints and heart palpitations.

Avitaminosis is an illness caused by vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiency is the lack of essential nutrients in food. Avitaminosis occurs when a person does not obtain a certain vitamin with food or when his/her organism cannot supply itself with this vitamin in any other way as well. This illness generally occurs due to a constant and complete lack of certain vitamin. For instance, lack of vitamin C may lead to scurvy. Scurvy is a disease expressed in collagen and elastin synthesis disorder which makes the blood vessels permeable and may cause bone formation disorders in children. A severe form of the disease causes muscle weakness, bone fractions, bleeding, edema and inflamed gums.

Similarly to prescription medications, there also exist the so-called original and generic vitamins. The former are developed by scientific research, the latter are copied products. Price differences may also occur due to the amount of vitamins in the composition of the preparation and whether the used source material consists of natural or synthetic vitamins. Natural vitamins, also used by Meravita, are more expensive. Additionally, other important factors include the background of the manufacturer and whether the manufacturer just copies its products or is also engaged in R&D, which entails higher costs. To put it more simply — if the offered product is too cheap, you cannot expect much from such manufacturer and the administration of such vitamins can instead be harmful to your organism. Therefore, it is not only the price of vitamins which should be considered, but also the content of the product. The personalised manufacturing process of Meravita is much more complicated than just the printing of pills. Our daily tasks also include R&D, which makes our products more expensive, placing them in the medium price class.

It is difficult to answer this question because each organism is different and reacts differently to synthetic vitamins, colourants and preservatives. When consumed constantly or in large amounts, such additives can definitely turn out to be dangerous and hazardous for health. Generally, vitamins are added to the preparations based on RDA, i.e., the recommended daily amount, and colourants, preservatives and other additional substances according to the need, but in the minimum possible amount. A substantial benefit of Meravita is that our capsules contain natural vitamins, the price of raw material of which is higher, but which are not hazardous for health even when constantly consumed.

Generally, people suffer from hypovitaminosis which means the simultaneous deficiency of several vitamins. This is expressed for instance in springtime lethargy. In this case, the simultaneous consumption of several vitamins is rational. However, if a specific medical case occurs in relation to the deficiency of a certain vitamin (avitaminosis), it is more practical to take this specific vitamin, although you need a verified diagnosis for a doctor for that. At the same time, it is also important to know that the absorption of different vitamins is interdependent. For instance, the effect of vitamin A is much greater when consumed simultaneously with B vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin C; also, the absorption of water soluble and fat soluble vitamins is different in the organism.

Minerals are biomolecules that are essential for the body. Mineral are essential for the normal and trouble-free functioning of the organism and help to prevent illnesses. A person should get over 20 minerals with food.

Minerals the content of which exceeds 5 g are called macro elements. These include calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, sodium, chloride and magnesium. The minerals the organism only needs in small amounts are called trace elements. Such elements are zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, chromium, manganese, silicon, etc.

The composition of the capsules should be altered manually, if in addition to Meravita product, another food supplement is taken, which already includes some vitamins/minerals. This must be done to avoid the excessive content of some elements in the organism and the resulting side effects. The composition should also be changed if a person takes a prescription medication which does not allow the administration of certain vitamins/minerals.

Vitamins and minerals are only dangerous when used continuously in very large doses because then they can cause changes in the functioning of the organism. In case of certain physiological conditions, the consumption of some vitamins and/or minerals may be inappropriate and not recommended. When taking additional vitamins and minerals, the suitability thereof with the daily medications you take must be checked beforehand.

The main sources of vitamins are food, especially fresh and vegetarian food. Although our body can synthesise small amounts of vitamins by itself, then minerals can only be obtained from food. If necessary, the lack of vitamins and minerals can be compensated with food supplements.

The main reason for mineral deficiency is insufficient and one-sided diet. From other daily activities, mineral deficiency can be promoted by excessive coffee consumption, continuous and excessive consumption of sugar rich dishes and beverages but also frequent physical activity and perspiration and the intensified work of the digestive system or kidneys.

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