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To order personalised products, all you have to do is register and fill in the questionnaire, so that we could map the vitamin needs of your organism. If you have any questions about registration or our website, do not hesitate to contact our customer support by calling +372 775 2225 or find an answer in the FAQ section


After registration, you will be created an access to our internal customer environment, where you can see your health indicators and recommendations based on these indicators for balancing your health. Our diverse internal customer environment offers many interesting possibilities. Click HERE for more information. Meravita helps to take care of your health and all you need to do for that is to register.


You will soon be sent a confirmation code via SMS. Please insert the code to the respective field when logging in!

Fill in the questionnaire !

Each individual is different and thus the needs of your organism are different from those of others. Estonian scientists have developed the questionnaire based on scientific studies to clarify the specific needs of your organism. The answers help to determine your state of health, get an overview of your lifestyle and habits and obtain specific results regarding the nutrients that your organism needs. The questionnaire is located on your new Meravita account and can be found HERE. The questionnaire is simple and comfortable to fill in. It takes about 15 minutes and is free of charge for you. After filling in the questionnaire, the system immediately displays you the information about the deficiencies of substances in your body. The questionnaire plays a central role for you to be aware of your health condition and lifestyle, and how they affect the functioning and daily capacity of your organism.

The questionnaire is located on your newly created account and can be accessed from HERE.

The aim of Meravita is to support your organism and keep it balanced regardless of your lifestyle and habits. Meravita helps you map the deficiencies of substances in your organism, the toxins in your body, your blood cholesterol level and also everything else up to food intolerance and soon even to genetic tests. We aim to prevent illnesses, not just eliminate the consequences thereof. The products of Meravita cover the needs of your organism as an integrated whole. We contribute to achieving a balance between food products, vitamins and minerals, the health of each separate system of organs, the strength of the immune system and cleaning the organism from unnecessary and toxic residue. The products of Meravita are natural and beneficial for the organism. We use carefully selected natural substances as raw material, which suit both for vegetarians and those suffering from allergies. In finished products we avoid synthetic compounds and artificial colourants and sweeteners.

Check the products or packages which could be useful for enhancing the health and the quality of life of your organism!

Meravita contributes to raising the awareness of the society by sharing information on healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Get to know your organism and its needs better! Know what you eat, what does your food contain and which impact does it have on your body. Meravita supports the dialogue in the society and raises general awareness through different health-related programmes on different media platforms. From the list below, choose the information channels of your liking and start discovering this rich, healthy world!

The Learning Centre is an educating environment which provides quick answers to your questions, explanations for both the commonly used as well as for less commonly used terms, interesting articles to read, inspiring stories, tips and food recipes, and an opportunity to share it all with your friends.

is an internet-based radio broadcast, where the host Katrin Karisma together with the specialists of the field discuss the matters of nutrition and health, give tips and useful recommendations and busting myths.


    The shows always host brilliant people and the professionals of their field.
    Ideas, tips and recommendations for achieving a better quality of life.
    Always bright and good-humoured Katrin Karisma


Meravita is the main organizer of one of the biggest health conferences in Estonia called Tervisekonverents. We started the tradition in 2017 and the next National Health Conference will be held in 2019. The speakers on the first National Health Conference were Estonias' leading health activists and practitioners. We are looking forward towards the new year and the unfolding of new trends in healthcare.

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You will be assigned a personal health manager — a nutrition specialist or a doctor. The health manager monitors your health indicators and helps to ensure that the quantity of the substances your organism needs would be fulfilled, and gives you recommendations for maintaining your health condition. Your health manager is like your GP, who is engaged with enhancing your health on a daily basis, preventing you from falling ill. The health manager is only one phone call away and always at your service.

Tasks of the health manager

  • Monitors your health indicators
  • Gives recommendations on how to balance your health
  • Recommends you products based on your needs
  • Monitors the changes in your habits and lifestyle
  • Advises you on nutrition and healthy lifestyles