FERMENO - non-hormonal menopause support
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BIFIDO Premium probiotics
  • probiotic bacteria with prebiotics and vitamin C
  • high concentration – one sachet includes 10 million living cultures
  • helpful in stressful times and in the presence of irregular digestion
  • the main active agents are 4 types of cultures, oligosaccharides and vitamin C
  • the box contains 30 sachets containing yoghurt-flavoured powder that dissolves in your mouth
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  • fights against premature hair loss
  • reactivates local micro blood circulation, supports the health of the prostate
  • supports the growth of healthy hair
  • the main active agents are herbal DHT blockers, vitamins and minerals
  • only for men
  • 90 capsules in a bottle
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  • has a positive effect on falling asleep and sleep quality
  • contributes to the relaxation of the nervous system
  • the main active agents are Lactium®– milk protein with amino acids
  • does not make you dizzy the next morning
  • contains 40 capsules
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  • delays the signs of aging
  • anti-age on cellular level
  • increases resistance to environmental impacts
  • the main active agent is astragaloside IV
  • one bottle contains 40 capsules
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  • helps to achieve erection
  • pre-workout energy boost
  • supports normal testosterone level
  • has a positive effect on fertility
  • the main active agents are L-arginine, oyster extract and vitamins
  • one bottle contains 90 capsules
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